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8 Diagram Pole Fighter

8 Diagram Pole Fighter was released in 1983.It is directed by the late Lau Kar Leung and stars Gordon Liu,Kara Hui,Lily Li,Phillip Ko,Johny Wang,and Alexander Fu Sheng.

8 Diagram Pole Fighter is based on the Yang Family generals.When the battle between the Liao Dynasty against the Yang Family in golden beach took place,the Yangs were betrayed by general Pun Mei.General Yeung Yip and all six sons of the Yang family fought in battle and only the fifth and sixth brother survived.They managed to escape,Sixth Son went back home and was left traumatized and fifth son took refuge in a monestary in Mount Wutai.He changed his ways and became a monk after many years.The Khitans were still searching for the remaining brothers and their last resort was to kidnap fifth Yang's younger sister.After younger sister has been kidnapped,fifth brother finds out her whereabouts and decides to break the buddhist code to rescue her and avenge his family's death.

8 Diagram Pole Fighter has got to be one of the best Shaw Brothers martial arts films of all time and from the early 80s.This has got to be Lau Kar Leung's top five best films among Heroes of the East,36th Chamber,Mad Monkey Kung Fu,Martial Arts of Shaolin.

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Warriors Way (2010)

Rating 3.5/5

The Warrior's Way was released in 2010.It is directed by first time director Sngmoo Lee.It stars Dong Gun Jang(The Promise,Dangerous Liaisons),Kate Bosworth(Superman Returns,Wonderland),Geoffrey Rush(Pirates of the Caribbean,Shakespeare in Love),Danny Huston(X Men Origins:Wolverine,Children of Men),Tony Cox(Bad Santa,Oz the Great and Powerful),and Shaw Brothers Legend Ti Lung(Avenging Eagle,A Better Tomorrow).

This is Jang Dong Gun's hollywood debut.and like many other Asian actors.His English is poor,so you have a hard time understanding him.What was great about the Warriors way was the casting and the cinematography.There was a lot of rugged and gritty characters that used more dialogue than lines.The producers and the filmakers created a western world so real that they got too lost in the enviroment they created and were having too much fun.Leaving the audience somewhat bored and waiting for the action.Too much of the relation between Yang and Lynne were shown,along with the characters in the village.The villains were left out and only showed up when needed.there wasnt too much focus on them. Ti Lung finally makes a hollywood debut.He speaks English as well.And if you have never seen his work at the shaw brothers movies that made him a legend before Donnie Yen,Jet Li,and Jackie Chan.You need to check them out Asap.

Ride Along (2014)

Ride Along is another overrated buddy cop team up with a watered down pg-13 rating.Ice Cube has been known for playing the opposite side of the law and now is hard to see him playing a police officer,especially when his early music was about breaking the law and murder.Kevin Hart is the same as you have always seen him.Mostly jokes about his height which gets old and being a wanna be cop while working as a security guard.His best movie IMO was SoulplaneHart is no Chris Tucker or Dave Chappelle,since neither of them have been in the spotlight recently Hart takes over the leading role.The villian is a fifty pound overweight Laurence Fishburne who barely has any character development and mostly shows up at the end of the movie.Same cliche story there is a smuggler whose identity cannot be found and never gets caught,aftewards he has been bribing police officers and the mole is found.Police man teams up with underdog and then proves himself that he can be part of the team.This movie would of been more entertaining if it had an R rating.Both Ice Cube and Hart would of had better dialogue using more profanity and you can tell that in the script the dialogue was limited and often corny.Watch better R rated and better action movies like:48 hours 1&2,Lethal Weapon movies,2 Guns,Rush Hour movies

Grudge Match (2013)

rating 3.5/5
Grudge Match was filled with some good humor,drama,and boxing action.Definitely one of Stallone's best movies in the past ten years.What makes the movie is Robert De Niro.He was the one with more emotion and depth.Stallone plays the same old meathead boxer that he played in Rocky but only older.De Niro was perfect for picking on him and ridiculing him.Lots of old school actors as well like Alan Arkin,Kim Basinger.Also both De Niro and Stallone get to parody both of their iconic boxing characters.Another supporting actor that did a great job was John Bernthal that played De Niro's son.He has been in many shows and other movies and can play different characters as well.Kevin Hart wasn't bad at all too playing the promoter part like a young Don King.The plot was predictable but all actors had great performances. However Grudge Match was a box office bomb.The movie has a $40 million dollar budget and earned 45 worldwide.The youngest actor was probably Kevin Hart so unless you didnt grow up watching Stallone and De Niro movies or you're not fond of them,you wouldnt enjoy the movie as much.Other movies like this:Great White Hype,Gladiator,Undisputed

Out of the Furnace (2013)

Out of the Furnace is a predictable gritty revenge movie where the characters live depressing lives.It was a predictable movie and slow paced but worth a watch.Christian Bale plays a different character and has good chemistry with Casey Affleck,which they both play as brothers. Willem Dafoe shows up as a fight promoter but he is wasted as well as Forest Whitaker,Zoe Saldana,Sam Shepard.They could of been replaced by other actors.The character in the movie that stood out the most was Harlan DeGroat(Woody Harrelson).He is definitely the one you grow to hate and affects all the people that are around him.He has a little of Mickey Knox from Natural Born Killers in him.Bale shows emotion and plays the opposite from the crazy tough guy,selfish roles you usually see him in.Casey Affleck wasn't bad at all either.The end was a little weak because Harlan doesnt really get to pay for what he has done.Out of the furnace was a box office bomb making half of its budget of 22 million.It felt like it was cheaper though.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

   Hot Tub Time Machine is a comedy directed by Steve Pink (Accepted).Starring John Cusack,Clark Duke ,Craig Robinson,Rob Corddry,Crispin Glover,Chevy Chase.

   Adam(Cusack) takes his nephew (Clark Duke) along with his two friends Nick and Lou back to their favorite hangout place when they were younger at a ski resort.They spend their weekend at their favorite hotel.After having many drinks in their jacuzzi, it accidentally becomes a time machine taking them back to the year 1986.That night was a Winterfest concert with the band Poison performing and many important events happened that night.Now Adam and his friends must try to relive the same day without making any changes that might interfere in the future.